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Starting June 3, every Wednesday during the summer we will be having Family Faith Fellowship.  Please check back for more details. 

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April 28- Women's Bible Study starts

May 1- Mother/Daughter Tea

May 2- Ladies Walk- meet at the I-Wireless parking lot at 10 am.

May 3- Rosewood Service at 2:00 pm

May 10- Mother's Day- There will be no fellowship meal this day.


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Weekly Article

Glimpses of the Kingdom


            While in college, my older brother and my future sister-in-law took me skiing in New Mexico. I had never been to the mountains so as we drove toward them I would occasionally catch glimpses of them in the distance. The closer we got, the more my heart raced at the enormity of the range.

            Years later I visited the Pacific Northwest for the first time and as we were flying in to Seattle, I caught glimpses of Puget Sound out the windows of the airplane. I couldn't wait to get to actually go to the beach and see the water.

            You know what I'm talking about. That feeling of excitement you get when you catch glimpses of things you want to see, things bigger than you and that will leave you with a sense of awe.

            I long for the Kingdom of God. I for that time when nothing else will exist except God and his presence, when he will wipe away every tear and their will be no more pain, suffering, sickness or death. Yet every so often we get glimpses of this, if only we open our eyes and our hearts to recognize them.

            Several times in my life I have had to do something I felt totally inadequate to do. Once it was directing a teen camp, another time it was talking to someone about their relationship with Christ, (uninvited by the way), another time it was being called to the hospital room of a young couple who's child had been still born. In those moments I felt completely lacking. Yet in those moments, when I realize that I cannot do this on my own, I turned to God. In each of these instances I glimpsed the Kingdom of God because in each of those instances, after I had asked Him to provide strength in my weakness, I saw Him work and felt his presence. It was awesome in the truest sense of the word.

            I'm not saying that I see it often, and it only occurs in moments when I empty myself, but if those glimpses are any indication of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like, I can't wait to fully experience it.

            Are you catching glimpses?


Think about it.


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