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November 20: Area Preachers' Meeting


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     Imagine moving to a foreign country. You know a little bit of their language, enough to get by, but you are unfamiliar with their customs, their traditions, their mannerisms and their slang expressions. Because of this you struggle making friends since everyone looks at you as an outcast. People avoid conversations with you because they have trouble understanding you. The way you dress makes you stand out as a foreigner. Your actions are often misunderstood because of cultural differences.

     In your home country you became a Christian, so you look for a church in your new home, knowing that in Christ there are no distinctions, no foreigners and you know you will be welcomed with open arms. But when you get to the local congregation, you find the same treatment you've received everywhere else; no one treats you like a friend.

     Just up the hill from our church building we have literally hundreds of people in this exact situation. People who have come to our country, legally and after many years of legal wrangling, in order to make a better life. They want our country, our community to be their home. They want to learn our language better, learn our customs and make friends with us. They want to fit in. They want to belong. They want a home. And we want to help.

     Sometime around the first of the year we are looking to begin a new program called 'FriendSpeak.' In this program we will use Bible study materials, written on a forth grade level, to allow these new friends to practice their English. We won't be teaching them English, just letting them practice reading and speaking. In that process, we will be developing friendships and bonds that will make them feel at home in our church family.

     The elders and I are very excited about this new program and we want you to be a part of it as well, so we're asking for volunteers. Here are the qualifications: Do you speak English? do you like to talk to people?Do you like making friends? Do you want to help others grow in their relationship with God and his family? Do you have an hour or so each week to serve Christ? If so, you're qualified!

     If you would like to be a part of this exciting program, let me know.


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