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Easter Worship Schedule


We will be having 3 worship services on Easter Sunday, April 5.  The first on will be at 7:30 am and will be followed by a hot breakfast at 8:00.  The second service will be at 9:15 am and also will be followed by a hot breakfast at 10:00 am.  The third service will begin at 11:00 am.

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Coming Up:

March 28- Men's Prayer Breakfast at the John Deere Hy-vee

March 29- Fifth Sunday prayer service durning the evening service

April 5- Easter with three services to choose from and a hot breakfast also being served. 

April 5- Due to this being Easter Sunday we will not be going to Rosewood for service.

April 18- Weather permitting there will be a black powder shoot out at Lance's father-in-law for the Outdoors Men.

For more events coming up, please check back often

Weekly Article


Fit for Life


A month ago we started our "Walk in the Son" program where we meet at the mall to walk for half an hour and then have a Bible study. The purpose of this program is to provide incentive to get some physical exercise but also to get some spiritual exercise. And it works!  Just before we started "Walk in the Son" I bought a little gadget that keeps up with how many steps I take throughout the day, how many flights of stairs I climb, tracks my heart rate throughout the day and my sleep patterns at night. It's a pretty cool little gadget and has kept me motivated and provides good feedback on my heart health. For instance, they say that your resting heart rate is a good indicator of heart health. When we started our program my resting heart rate was 74, today it is 64. Now I will admit, I'm doing more than just Walk in the Son, but that extra 30 minutes of exercise does help!  But the program is for spiritual exercise as well, and here the benefits are evident as well.  On these days we are studying the book of James. It is a very informal study where we read several verses and talk about how we can put those into practice in our own lives. James talks a lot about being judgmental and how we treat others. I, like most of us, tend to look at someone and immediately put them into some category in my mind. And the categories are not always good. But with our discussions of James, I find myself pausing before automatically categorizing people, talking to people more and trying to consider who they really are, not just how they look.  My spiritual health is improving.  I know you may not be able to join us on Tuesday mornings for "Walk in the Son", but I encourage all of you to find some time during the week when you can get together with a few other people and just talk through the Bible. Not just Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, but find some other time during the week to be challenged and improve your spiritual health. If you need help, let me know.


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