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October 17- "I Still Do" similcast at the building. The similcast will start at 8 am.  Please be here early to make sure you are registered.  


October 31- Area Wide Sing- Please join us at 5 pm for a fellowship meal and at 7 pm for our singing.  We will be having food that is fitting for most diets.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.




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Catching Faith


            Several years ago I bought my older brother a fly fishing rig for his birthday to introduce him to the wonderful sport of fly fishing. A couple of years ago we were visiting them at their lake house in Texas and I caught a bass on my fly rod, but he was not able to catch anything on his. Over the years he has expressed his frustration with not being able to catch anything on his fly rod, in spite of my coaching, urging and constant lecturing about how awesome fly fishing can be. I was beginning to think he was going to give up before he ever experienced the joy.

            Then it happened! While we were in Montana for Tashias wedding, several of us boys went on a drift boat fishing trip on the Missouri River. The fishing was tough because Montana hasnt had much rain this year and the Missouri was about the only river people could fish, so everyone was fishing it which means the fish are more picky than usual. About an hour into our trip, with no fish caught, my brother, Preston, caught his first fish on a fly rod! It was a nice rainbow trout, the only one caught from our boat, and that fish hooked him on fly fishing. Within a week of getting home he has purchased a new fly rod and reel, the equipment for tying his own flies and waders for his upcoming fishing adventures!

            I tell this story because it describes perfectly the way some people catch Jesus. We tell them about how awesome Jesus is, we even buy them a Bible and invite them to church sometimes for years. We know that if they will just give Jesus a try, their lives will be changed, but even though they come to events with us, read a little, and listen to us talk about it, it just doesnt catch. But then something happens! Maybe a crisis or some other event where they actually put their faith in Jesus and see how he works and they are hooked!

            The lesson here, as with many fishing stories, is patience. Keep telling people, keep inviting them to events, keep sharing your faith with them and who knows? Eventually they may catch some of it!


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October 11, 2015

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