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Faith Like Fly Fishing










            This begins a series of lessons that compare our faith to fly fishing. I know. Not everyone is a fly fisherman or woman, but read the lessons anyway. You might catch something.


            One of the most important things to know in fly fishing is how to tie a good knot. Just any old knot won't always work. Above is a picture of a 'nail knot.' The nail knot is used to tie a small diameter piece of line (called a tippet) to the larger diameter fly line. To do this you need a knot that will actually get tighter and stronger as it is stressed. There can (hopefully) be a lot of stress on the tippet as a large trout tries to break free! So in tying the nail knot the small line is wrapped around the larger line, then passed under itself (a nail is used to do this, thus the nail knot!), and so when it is pulled it tightens and tightens upon itself. Very cool and very strong.

            Imagine hooking a large, strong brown trout. He takes off down stream and you are trying to hold him without breaking your line. The one thing you don't want is for your knot to come untied. You want a knot that will hold for the long haul!

            The purpose of prayer is to connect something small (us) to something large (God) in a way that will get tighter and stronger the more we are stressed. Unfortunately, many of us see prayer as a simple 'granny knot.' Over, around, through the opening and you're done. Nothing complicated. Nothing that takes a long time. Nothing that binds us too tightly. We want to be tied to God when it serves our purpose, but when He gets in the way we want to be able to get loose with a quick pull of the lace.

            But what if we began looking at our prayer life as a nail knot? What if we decided we were going to hold on to God, trust in him, and wait for him as long as it took.

            How long do you normally pray for something? How fervently do you pray? Do your prayers bind you tighter to God? Is prayer for you a nail knot or a granny knot?


Think about it.

Pray about it.


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