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October 5: Singing service at Rosewood Care Center, 2:00-3:00


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November 1: Annual Area-Wide Sing


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            Rediscovering  an Old Standby


            My grandfather used to read the newspaper every morning while he ate his breakfast. I would borrow the section that had the comics, but that was about all I ever read. Call me lazy, but I would rather watch the news on TV, (or now on the internet), than to read the paper.

            But I was sitting in a coffee shop one morning recently and picked up a paper because a headline caught my attention and my view of newspapers was changed. Of course there were articles on local news events, (mostly political news these days), regional news events and world events, but there were things in there that surprised me: The local high school class of 1969 is having a reunion. Someone’s Ford pickup was broken into in the Walmart parking lot and a reward is being offered. A young couple recently got engaged and several older couples are celebrating anniversaries, and some of their stories were there for me to read. I learned that now is the time to order fish from the County Soil and Water Conservation District and I learned that a magician was coming to town! So much cool stuff, I felt like I was walking through a small town catching up on all the latest gossip! Now I understand why my grandfather spent each morning reading the local newspaper!

            All this got me thinking, (as things like this usually do), about how so many people never get into the habit of reading their Bibles. Maybe they don’t realize all the cool stuff that’s in there: a better understanding of local, regional and world events, how to deal with the crime that exists in our local community, how to build and maintain relationships, how to have successful marriages, and the most amazing thing of all, that a savior has come to town!

            If you haven’t read your Bible in a while, I would encourage you to pick it up and browse through it. You might be surprised by what you find in there!


Think about it.



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