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Starting June 3, every Wednesday during the summer we will be having Family Faith Fellowship.  Please check back for more details. 

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October 17- "I Still Do" similcast at the building. More details to follow.




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Preparing for that big trip!


            So today is the big day. Right after services Dorrie and I will be picking up her parents and heading to Montana for Tashia's wedding.

            As I'm writing this, on Wednesday, the only thing in my suitcase are two pairs of jeans. Dorrie's suitcases are packed completely. They have been for over a month now. We both plan for trips differently. She starts planning, packing and getting organized as soon as we decide to go somewhere. I tend to put things off until the last few days. Not saying one way is better than the other, they both have advantages.

            I get to enjoy that adrenaline rush of running around last minute trying to remember everything. Dorrie gets to enjoy the peace of mind knowing it's all done. But either way you do it, when the time comes to hit the road, we both have everything together. But what if a trip comes up suddenly?

            Several years ago I received the call none of us wants to get. My dad had suffered a brain aneurysm and was not expected to live. We all packed and hit the road within hours. Anything we forgot we just borrowed from family or purchased on the trip.

            But what if a trip came up so suddenly that you had absolutely no time to prepare. Say for instance that you died. At that point you have no more time to get ready for that trip! It's too late to get things in order, make the right decisions or any other preparations. One moment you are here, the next you are facing eternal judgment. What will that outcome look like?

            None of us like to think about that 'trip.' We all think we have plenty of time to 'get right with our maker.' But the truth is; we never know. That's why we meet on Sundays and throughout the week: to stay prepared! Have you started packing yet?


Think about it.


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