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Easter Worship Schedule


We will be having 3 worship services on Easter Sunday, April 5.  The first on will be at 7:30 am and will be followed by a hot breakfast at 8:00.  The second service will be at 9:15 am and also will be followed by a hot breakfast at 10:00 am.  The third service will begin at 11:00 am.

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Coming Up:

February 28- Men's Prayer Breakfast at Moline Hy-Vee on John Deere Road at 8:30

March 1- Rosewood Service at 2:00 pm

March 4- We will be starting "Walk In the Son".  It is an chance for some excerise and then a Bible Study at SouthPark Mall. 

March 7 & 8- Davenport's Youth Rally-Engage

March 8- Fellowship Meal

March 14- Heart Shot Ministries at 3:30 until 5:30 pm

For more events coming up, please check back often

Weekly Article


A Spiritual Diet


I love it when people make 'innocent' comments that point out a truth we don't really want to hear. For instance, when I got my hearing aid last year the lady who was helping me told me that often people get their hearing aid in flesh color, but they actually hide better if you get them in a color to match your hair and she handed me a set of colored plastic tiles to choose from. I told her I couldn't see behind my ear well enough, so I handed the tiles back to her and asked her to match the color for me.    She chose gray

And then there are those wonderful 'friends' who see you for the first time in a while and say, "You've put on a little weight, haven't you?" This statement wouldn't be bad if you had recently been ill and had lost too much weight, but when you've been perfectly healthy and heavy this is not the statement you want to hear. 

But over the years I have put on some weight. My doctor says I'm OK, but I would like to lose a few pounds so I put an app on my phone to help me track my caloric intake and my exercise so I can lose the pounds I want to lose. 

I've never counted calories (probably the reason I've put on the pounds) and keeping track of everything I eat has been an eye opening experience. I've also never kept records of my exercise and that, too, has been revealing. The goal is to make sure the number of calories burned in exercise is greater than the number of calories I take in. This equals better health.

On Tuesday morning we are starting our Walk In The Son program of walking/Bible study. The goal is to improve our physical health and our spiritual health. All this calorie counting got me thinking: shouldn't we do the same thing for our spiritual health? Shouldn't we take in more spiritual calories than the calories offered by the world? 

Think about how many calories you take in from the world each day: the shows you watch, books you read, music you listen to, conversations you have and thoughts you think. Then think about how many spiritual calories you take in: reading your Bible, meditating on God's word, prayer, service and worship. Which do you get the most of? Keep a record for a couple of days and see what you learn.


Think about it. 



This will be going on every Tuesday so please mark your calendar to come join us. 

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