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December 31- New Year's Eve Party- It will start at 7 pm.  Bring your favorite game and a finger food to share.

January 3- Classes will begin at 9:15 am and go until 10:15.

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            Back in my younger days I studied martial arts. (Back when I bounced better and healed faster.) I was never overly skilled, but I did learn to break boards with my fists. We won't mention that they were kiln dried pine boards hand picked for just the right grain pattern to make them easier to break, and we won't mention that because even with good 'breaking boards' there is still some technique necessary to break the board and not your hand. (For instance; I punched a tree one time, which, technically is a board, but even with the correct technique I managed to fracture three knuckles, so I have some experience in this are as well.)

            Anyway. When you break boards, you don't aim to 'hit the board,' because just hitting the board won't break the board. When you aim to just 'hit the board' the force of the impact is slowing down at the point of impact and there is not enough force to break the board. The trick is to 'hit through the board.' This way all your energy, (speed, mass, velocity, etc.) is still at its peak as your fist passes through the board and that energy is enough to break the board.

            I started reading a book the other day on prayer, and one section dealt with 'praying through an event or circumstance.' That really hit me because we often say, "I'll be praying for this or that." (I'll pray for your upcoming surgery. I'll pray for your children. I'll be praying for your job situation.) But what if we prayed through the situations?

            If I'm having surgery, pray through my surgery for me. Lift me up as I prepare for the surgery, during the surgery, during the recovery and beyond. If you pray for my children, don't just pray for their lives, pray through their lives. If you are going through something at work, I don't want to just pray until the situation ends, I want to keep all that power and energy going well beyond whatever event or situation you are currently involved in.

            It's just a little change in our vocabulary, but if we really thing about it, it can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the situation!


Think about it.

Pray through it.



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