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We believe that God created all people in His image. It is God’s desire that all people come to know Him and develop a personal relationship with Him as well.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. The Bible was written once and for all time. It is for people of all races all over the world and is free from error. From the Bible, we learn that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. God so loved the world that He sent Jesus to this earth to die as the only perfect sacrifice for our sins. Jesus then died to allow us to have eternal life in Heaven. Jesus, The Savior, also rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven to be with God.  Jesus overcame death. This message is the very foundation of what we teach and practice.

We believe that salvation from sin comes from God’s grace and by our faith in Jesus Christ. This faith must be put into practice by the process of obedience. God’s grace allows us to be cleansed from sin. We feel that we do not deserve what God has done for us and that we can never fully know the depths of His love. However, God allows all to come to Him on the basis of free will by a decision to follow Christ.

We believe that your decision to follow Christ, requires true belief, repentance, confession, and water immersion in the name of Jesus. True belief involves trusting what the Bible teaches. Repentanceis also necessary through turning away from your old ways in a desire to live a new way for God. Confession is acknowledging that you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Immersion in water is central to salvation and is representative of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as well as the death and burial of your old life and the beginning of the new life in Jesus Christ. Immersion into Christ through baptism is the point at which our faith, obedience, repentance, and confession bring us into contact with the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. All of these things together declare our full knowledge and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as the only pardon for our sins. All of these things are also what adds you to the Church as well.

We believe that all believers are called to a life long relationship with Jesus Christ that expresses itself through faith and action. We teach that all should try and be like Christ in word and in deed. We teach that believers are to be an example of Christ to the world and a help for those in and outside the body of Christ. We believe that the spirit of Christ lives in us after we give our lives over to the Lord. This spirit then urges us to pursue all things holy and avoid the sinful things in our lives that once appealed to us. We seek to honor God through spiritual worship, unity within the body of Christ, service to the world, and through sharing the Good News of the Bible to all of mankind.

We believe that the local church plays a very important role in communicating the message of the Bible. The church at this location meets together throughout the week to worship the Lord, study the Bible, encourage and support one another, to welcome and support the community, encourage further growth in Jesus Christ, share Jesus through our lives and our message, inspire a sense of belonging, and also to reach out and help those in need. We seek to build community and real life for those who want to or already have a relationship with Jesus Christ. involves turning away from the old and putting on the new ways of Jesus Christ through the Lord.      


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Moline Church of Christ

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Moline Church of Christ

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