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May 31- Lunch Bunch @ Pizza Ranch

June 2- Teen Game Night @ Church for teens @ 6pm

June 3- Teen Lunch Bunch after services

June 7- Lunch Bunch @ Olive Garden in Moline

June 11- Ladies Night Out @ VI off of 53rd in Moline

June 14- Lunch Bunch @ Pizza Ranch

June 17- Teen Lunch Bunch after service

June 21- Lunch Bunch @ Montana Jack's

June 28- Lunch Bunch @ Los Amigos

June 30- Men's Planning Breakfast @ 8:30


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Monthly Article

A Good Sight Picture


            I had a wonderful time at the Davis Mountain Rendezvous! They held multiple shooting events and I competed in every one! One of the events was the muzzle loading shotgun competition. I don’t own a muzzle loading shotgun, but my friend, Gary, who went with me purchased two of them last year and allowed me to use one.

            I had never shot the gun before, and I’m really not very experienced with shotguns, but I loaded both barrels of the gun and when my turn came, I stepped to the line, looked down the barrel and said, “Pull!” I heard the motorized clay pigeon thrower operate, finally caught sight of the clay pigeon, swung the gun, aligned the bead on the front of the barrel, pulled the trigger and watched, (after the smoke cleared), as the pigeon, (still intact), floated to the ground. “Well,” I said to myself, “I’m still not very good with a shotgun.”

            Having another barrel loaded, I said, “Pull!” again, heard the machine operate, and caught sight of the pigeon flying from my right to my left. But this time something happened that hadn’t happened with the first bird. As I looked down the barrel, things seemed to slow down. I lined the front bead up along the rib of the barrel, then waited until all of the barrel and bead was lined up with the clay pigeon, squeezed the trigger and watched as the pigeon shattered into a hundred pieces! Of the next eight clay pigeons I only missed one, and on that shot I knew I didn’t have everything lined up when I pulled the trigger. I ended up having a shootout for third place with Juver, an older gentleman who usually places in the top three of every event, but he hit one more bird than I and took third place. But I learned something essential not only to shooting clay pigeons, but to so many other things in life: you have to have a good sight picture to hit your target.

            Having a good sight picture means lining up everything with your target. In a spiritual sense, this means we have to first see our target: Jesus. Our goal is to direct everything to be like him. “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.” Then we must line up every aspect of our life towards him, from the moment we rise in the morning to the moment we go to sleep at night. From how we treat others to how we act when no one is watching. From the thoughts we have to the words that come out of our mouth, everything has to be lined up with our target. If not, we will never hit what we are aiming for.

            What parts of your life are not in line with Jesus? What adjustments do you need to make to get those parts in line with your target? Take the time, make the adjustment and the results will certainly be pleasing!


Think about it.



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