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Weekly Article

Slow and Steady Changes


            It’s been around 15 months since I had my sinus surgery. Almost everyone I talked to who had had sinus surgery told me that I would be amazed at how much better I could breathe once they removed the packing a week after the surgery. That day came, the packing was removed, but I still couldn’t breathe. I mentioned this to the doctor and he said, “It will improve next week when I remove the stents that are still in there.” I didn’t know there were stents in there. (I mean, after all, how much empty space is there in my head?)

            Another week went by and he removed the stents, (such a pleasant experience!), but still I couldn’t breathe through my nose. So I asked the doctor again. This time he said, “Lance, I had to do a lot of work in there. It will take a while to completely heal. In a year you should be about 60% healed, in two years about 80% and by the third year you shouldn’t have any more problems.” So much for a quick fix!

            The first six months I began to think he didn’t know what he was talking about. Then things started changing. Every once in a while I would notice that I was actually breathing through my nose! Big, full breaths of air entering where they hadn’t before! Over the next few months more changes occurred. Sneezing took on a whole new meaning. And lately other things have started happening: I can smell.

            In the past, whenever I worked out on my elliptical machine, I would just wear the same workout clothes day after day, hanging them in the laundry room to dry overnight. But the other day I was working out and kept smelling something that was not pleasant. I thought maybe we had a dead cat somewhere in the basement we didn’t know about, but then it finally hit me: that’s me! I’ve never had a very good sense of smell, and now I’m not sure having one is all that great.

            Our spiritual transformation takes time as well. It takes time for our hearts to be changed to be like Christ’s. It takes time for our will to be molded into God’s will. It takes time to learn forgiveness, mercy and compassion if we’ve never shown these before. The good news is that once we allow God to begin his work on us, that transformation does, even if slowly, take place. And as we notice those changes taking place it is like drawing a sweet smelling breath of fresh air.

            Have you allowed God to begin his work on you?


Think about it.




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