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"Luring" People to Christ            

Once I started fly fishing, I knew that I would soon start tying my own flies. Partly because they can be expensive, but also because that is part of the joy of fly fishing. There is nothing like catching a nice fish on a fly you tied yourself!

            The challenge of tying flies is to create a fly that looks like a real bug that fish like to eat. Some look like flying insects that land on the surface of the water, some look like terrestrials, (grasshoppers, ants, beetles, etc.), some look like small fish that swim in the water and others look like bugs that wash downstream.  During certain times of the year as certain bugs are hatching, you have to "match the hatch" and have different flies that look like the various stages the hatching bugs go through. It can all be very frustrating and tricky because during those certain times of the year the fish can become very picky and eat only specific bugs in specific stages and if you don't have any flies that look right, you will see fish eating all around you and you won’t catch a thing. But you create a fly that looks like the real thing and that's when they bite!

            One reason many people won't "bite" Christianity is because what they see in the world from 'Christians' doesn't look like what they think Christians should look like. And to some extent that is probably true. When they see Christians claim one thing but live another way, it is hard for them to bite. And yet God wants them to 'bite.' God's desire is for all men to be saved and he wants to use us to accomplish this but in order to catch them, we have to look like God.

            One purpose of prayer is to align our will with God's will. Prayer should help us to look more like God. During times of prayer, we need to spend some of that time quietly listening to God's gentle nudge for us to change. We need to open our lives to him and allow him to point out those things that need to be changed into his image.

            Think about it this way: I tie flies that imitate bugs so I can catch the fish I want. God wants to 'catch' people, so he 'creates' us in His image to 'catch' them. But it only works if we look like God. Otherwise we scare people away.       


Think about it.


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